Autism has long-been seen as a kind of disease by the uninformed, misinformed and less understanding folks. It has been a hard road for us who have loved ones who are autistic or other learning disabilites. We know it's been a harder road for them.

Millenium Care Services has made it its commitment to provide better lives for them. We have carefully planned services and activities for the benefit of adults and children with varying degrees of learning disabilities and risks. They have a range of needs that we try to address and support with the help of our competent staff and multi-disciplinary experts.

That is why we are offering our services to you.

With our Core Values—'With' not 'For' (people build their own skills with us, not by having us do things for them), Respect for each other, Focus on ability not disability, and A culture for growth and development-we aim to and do provide a settled, person-centered, learning environment through a very holistic, proactive approach.

Here, a learning-challenged individual is taught skills that should help him be more independent in the future. Others suffering from problems of different nature are also accepted. There are those with autistic spectrum disorders, mental illness, physical and emotional needs too complicated to handle, multiple disabilities, and behavioral and risk problems.

While support may be given in the people's own homes, there are group-based homes for those needing more and harder daily support. Bungalows, shared houses and flats are for those who have shown improvement in terms of skills and overall behavior. Our Activity Resource Center makes sure that our most important clients, your loved ones, are provided actitvities that should enhance them mentally, physically, and socially.

Want to know more? Contact us and we'll be happy to explain and maybe show you around.